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RYA Navigation Handbook G6
RYA G6 Navigation Handbook By Tim Bartlett Navigation techniques and practices have changed dr..
RYA Navigation Exercises G7
RYA Navigation Exercises By Chris Slade This book accompanies the RYA training cours..
Sale RYA Buying a New Yacht G10
RYA G10 - Buying a New Yacht The legal aspects. The authors, Edmund Whelan, Barrister, and Man..
£6.99 £2.99
RYA Powerboat Handbook G13
RYA G13 Powerboat Handbook By Paul Glatzel 2016 Edition Becoming a caable and safe powerboa..
RYA European Waterways Regulations G17
RYA G17 European Waterways Regulations By Tam Murrell 2nd Edition reprinted 2013 This is th..
RYA Power Schemes Instructor Handbook G19
RYA G19 Power Schemes Instructor Handbook 2014 The RYA Power Schemes Instructor Handbook compr..
RYA Buying a Secondhand Boat G21
by Mandy Peters 2010 This title focuses on the legal aspects of the massive investment of buying..
RYA Diesel Engine Handbook G25
RYA Diesel Engine Handbook G25 By Andrew Simpson 2006 reprinted 2013 Includes a free DVD gi..
RYA Yachtmaster Scheme Instructor Handbook G27
RYA G27 Yachtmaster Scheme Instructor Handbook 2015 For instructors running shorebased, sail a..
RYA VHF Handbook G31
RYA G31 RYA VHF Handbook By Tim Bartlett How VHF works, the rules and regulations which govern..
RYA Go Sailing G32
RYA Go Sailing : A Practical Guide for Young People By C. Myatt Aimed at children aged 7 - 11,..
Sale RYA Introduction to Personal Watercraft G35
RYA Introduction to Personal Watercraft By J. Kavanagh This booklet provides you with the info..
£10.99 £2.99
RYA Crew to Win G39
RYA G39 Crew to Win By Joe Glandfield Confirms that the team is a vital ingredient to any crew..
RYA Go Cruising G42
RYA Go Cruising ! G42 by Claudia Myatt RYA Go Cruising covers all the essentials required to h..
RYA Sea Survival Handbook G43
RYA G43 Sea Survival Handbook By Keith Colwell 2014 The official text for the RYA Basic Sea..