Pilots - UK and North West Europe including Biscay

Pilots - UK and North West Europe including Biscay

Pilots and cruising guides for the UK,  North West Europe, including Biscay.

Channel -  Imray Shell Channel Pilot by Tom Cunliffe, Channel Islands and North Brittany Imray, Isles of Scilly, Solent Hazards, West Country, Your First Channel Crossing

Scotland - Imray and Clyde Cruising Club Sailing Directions, Cruising Scotland.

Ireland - East and North Coast - South and West Coast by the Irish Cruising Club, Southern Ireland Cruising Companion, Cruising Cork and Kerry.

Western United Kingdom - Imray Bristol Channel, Cruising Anglesey, Sea Guide Pembrokeshire,

Eastern England - Imray East Coast Pilot, Forth Tyne Dogger Humber, East Coast Rivers Cruising Companion, North Sea Passage Pilot by Imray and Brian Navin

Atlantic France - Imray Atlantic France, South Biscay




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Orkney and Shetland Islands - Including North and Northeast Scotland Clyde Cruising Club
Clyde Cruising Club - Orkney and Shetland Islands including North and Northeast Scotland By Iain ..
Outer Hebrides - Clyde Cruising Club
Clyde Crising Club Sailing Directions Outer Hebrides Covers the Western Isles from Lewis to Berne..
The Scottish Islands
The Scottish Islands by Hamish Haswell-Smith Ed. 2008 Fully revised. A comprehensive guide to..
Sailing Around the UK and Ireland - Practical Boat Owners
Practical Boat Owner's Sailing Around the UK and Ireland.  By Roger Oliver.  2009 Packe..
Sea Guide to Pembrokeshire
Sea Guide to Pembrokeshire.  By: Tom Bennett.  2006 2nd Ed. This cruising guide gives u..
Secret Anchorages of Brittany
Secret Anchorages of Brittany By: Peter Cumberlidge 3rd Edition 2016 Concise pilotage directions ..
Shell Channel Pilot
The Shell Channel Pilot South coast of England, the North coast of France and the Channel Islan..
Shetland Islands Pilot
Shetland Islands Pilot by Gordon Buchanan 2009 A detailed cruising guide to the Shetland Is..
Solent Cruising Companion
Solent Cruising Companion by Derek Aslett 3rd edition 2015 Centred on Cowes and covering th..
Solent Hazards
Solent Hazards and Secrets By Peter Bruce 6th Edition 2017 Solent Hazards was first publish..
South and West Coast of Ireland
South & West Coasts of Ireland Sailing Directions Irish Cruising Club 14th Edition 2016 ..
South Biscay
South Biscay La Gironde to La Coruña RCCPF/Steve Pickard This seventh edition of the RCC's..
Southern Ireland Cruising Companion
Southern Ireland Cruising Companion.  By Robert Wilcox 2009 The ideal onboard guide to trave..
Tidal Havens of the Wash and Humber
Tidal Havens of the Wash and Humber.  By: Henry Irving 2011 6th Ed. Coverage of the flat coa..
UK and Ireland Circumnavigators Guide
UK and Ireland Circumnavigator's Guide.  By Sam Steele.  2nd edition 2011 This book is ..