Pilots - Pacific Ocean

Pilots - Pacific Ocean

Pilots and Cruising guides and pilots for the Pacific Ocean.  Pacific Crossing Guide by RCC Pilotage

SW Pacific - 100 Magic Miles by David Colfelt, Cruising the Coral Coast, Torres Strait Passage Guide South Pacific Anchorages

Central Pacific - Cruising Guide to the Hawaiian Islands, Vava'u Islands in Tonga, Kingdom of Tonga Cruising Guide, Landfalls of Pradise

Pacific America - Imray Chile Pilot, Panama Cruising Guide, Charlies Charts Costa Rica, Mexico




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Pacific Crossing Guide
 Pacific Crossing Guide.  RCC Pilotage Foundation.  By Ros Hogbin, Michael Pocock.&..
Sea of Cortez - A Cruisers Guidebook
Sea of Cortez A Cruiser's Guidebook By Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer 3rd Edition 2015 A gu..
South Pacific Anchorages
South Pacific Anchorages By Warwick Clay. Details of harbours and anchorages in the pacific so..
Torres Strait Passage Guide
Torres Strait Passage Guide by Ken Hellewell 2003 A navigational guide to routes through th..
Western Australia Cruising Guide
Western Australia Cruising Guide. A comprehensive cruising guide covering the whole West Australia ..