Pilots - Pacific Ocean

Pilots - Pacific Ocean

Pilots and Cruising guides and pilots for the Pacific Ocean.  Pacific Crossing Guide by RCC Pilotage

SW Pacific - 100 Magic Miles by David Colfelt, Cruising the Coral Coast, Torres Strait Passage Guide South Pacific Anchorages

Central Pacific - Cruising Guide to the Hawaiian Islands, Vava'u Islands in Tonga, Kingdom of Tonga Cruising Guide, Landfalls of Pradise

Pacific America - Imray Chile Pilot, Panama Cruising Guide, Charlies Charts Costa Rica, Mexico




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100 Magic Miles of the great Barrier Reef
100 Magic Miles of the Great Barrier Reef By David Colfelt & Carolyn Colfelt 11th Edition ..
Downwind Around Australia and Africa
Downwind Around Australia and Africa.  Yacht Pilot Warwick Clay. Sailing directions from t..
Charlies Charts - Costa Rica
Charlie's Charts - Costa Rica.  by Charles Wood. 3rd Ed.  2007 Charlies Charts popular ..
Charlies Charts Hawaiian Islands
Charlies Charts - Hawaiian Islands By Charles Wood A cruising guide of detailed sketch plans a..
Charlie's Charts - Western Coast of Mexico, including Baja
Charlie's Charts - Western Coast of Mexico, including Baja.  by Charles Wood. 13th Edition 20..
Charlies Charts - Polynesia
Charlies Charts - Polynesia - A Cruising Guide South Pacific East of 165' West Longitude By Charl..
Chile - Arica Desert to Tierra del Fuego. By RCCPF / Andrew O'Grady.  3rd Edition revised 2..
Cape Horn and Antarctic Waters
Cape Horn and Antarctic Waters including Chile, the Beagle Channel, Falkland Islands and the Anta..
Sale Cruising the Coral Coast
Cruising the Coral Coast By Alan Lucas 9th Edition 2014 The classic cruising guide to the E..
£40.00 £36.00
Cruising the New South Wales Coast - Brisbane to Eden
Cruising the New South Wales Coast - Brisbane to Eden.  By Alan Lucas.  2000 A sailor's..
Sale Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands.  By Marylee Stephenson.  2nd Ed. Updated 2008  Handbook for exp..
£14.00 £12.99
Kingdom of Tonga Cruising Guide
Kingdom of Tonga Cruising Guide. by K. Hellewell. 2002 A comprehensive cruising guide with over 9..
Sale Landfall Legalise
Landfall Legalise - The Pacific by Alan Spears Landfall legalise is a summary of the legal req..
£19.85 £6.99
Landfalls of Paradise
Landfalls of Paradise.  By Earl Hinz and J. Howard  5th Ed. 2006  Cruising G..
Mexico Boating Guide
Captain P. Rains 3rd Ed. 2011 Mile by mile cruising guide, no gaps: Mexico Boating Guide covers..