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Cornell's Ocean Atlas
Cornell's Ocean Atlas 2nd Edition 2018 Jimmy Cornell, experienced sailor and bestselling autho..
Blue Water Sailing Manual
Blue Water Sailing Manual By Barry Pickthall 2006 Offer up-to-date advice on topics as dive..
Ocean Cruising on a Budget
Ocean Cruising on a Budget by Anne Hammick 2nd Edition Ocean Cruising on a Budget is an ess..
Occupation Circumnavigator
Occupation Circumnavigator : Sailing Around the World By Lars Hassler 2009 An instructive a..
Ocean Passages and Landfalls
Ocean Passages and Landfalls : Cruising routes of the world Rod Heikell and Andy O'Grady 2nd E..
Admiralty NP136 Ocean Passages for the World
Admiralty NP136 Ocean Passages for the World Provides a wealth of information for planning ocean ..
World Cruising Destinations
World Cruising Destinations An Inspirational Guide to all Sailing Destinations By Jimmy Cornel..
Sale World Voyage Planner
World Voyage Planner By Jimmy Cornell Edition 2, 2018 Planning a voyage from anywhere in the worl..
£45.00 £29.99
Sale World Cruising Survey
World Cruising Survey An overview of boats, gear, and life on board By Jimmy Cornell.  2002 ..
£25.00 £7.99
World Cruising Routes
World Cruising Routes - 1000 Sailing Routes in All Oceans of the World By Jimmy Cornell 2018 ..
Your First Atlantic Crossing
Your First Atlantic Crossing : A Planning Guide for Passagemakers By Les Weatheritt 4th Editio..