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SalePortland Triangle 230mm
Portland Triangle 230mm Blundell Harling Strong acrylic, with protractor markings and compass po..
£8.99 £6.99
SaleProtractor - Weems and Plath
Protractor - Weems and Plath. Versatile tool - can be used to lay off a course or a bearing, measu..
£10.16 £7.98
SaleRed Ensign 1 Yd Sewn
Red Ensign 1 Yd Sewn   ..
£33.70 £29.00
SaleRed Ensign 1/2 Yd. Printed
Red Ensign, half a yard, Printed Polyester     ..
£10.16 £7.99
SaleRed Ensign 3/4 Yd. Printed
Red Ensign 3/4 Yd. Printed   ..
£12.20 £9.99
SaleRed Ensign 3/4 Yd. Sewn
Red Ensign 3/4 Yd. Sewn   ..
£30.63 £24.99
SaleRed Sea Wrecks - Northern Egypt
Red Sea Wrecks Dive Guide and Log Book Travelling Diver By R. Vercoe Covers 13 wrecks in th..
£12.50 £7.99
SaleThe Baltic Sea and Approaches
The Baltic Sea and Approaches By Royal Cruising Club RCCPF 4th Edition, August 2017 The Bal..
£45.00 £41.00
SaleVectormaster Navigation Slide Rule - Weems and Plath
Vectormaster Navigation Slide Rule - Weems and Plath  An advanced navigation tool, the circ..
£30.59 £22.99
SaleAdlard Coles Book of Anchoring
Adlard Coles Book of Anchoring By Bobby Schenk 2011 An essential skill for for all types an..
£14.99 £9.99
SaleAmerica True - Sailing Poster
America True - Sailing Poster Ideal for framing; by Rick Tomlinson 60cm x 80cm   ..
£14.94 £9.99
SaleAstro Navigation Made Easy
Astro navigation Made Easy : Using a Pocket Calculator By Francois Meyrier 2003 More than j..
£12.99 £9.99
SaleBoat Cosmetics Made Simple
Boat Cosmetics Made Simple. By Sherri Board 3rd Edition A book that devotes itself to the cos..
£12.95 £6.99
SaleBoatowners Guide to GMDSS and Marine Radio
Boatowner's Guide to GMDSS and Marine Radio United States Power Squadrons The new digital Glob..
£9.99 £6.99
SaleCanals of Britain
Canals of Britain : a Comprehensive Guide By Stuart Fisher 2012 An absorbing survey of..
£25.00 £19.99