Nautical Chart Selector

This section is designed to compliment the nautical chart descriptions in the main sailingbooks website. The nautical chart selector shows the coverage maps for each group of charts and is arranged according to the chart type: Imray, Admiralty etc. Once you have selected the chart, please make a note of the reference number and follow the link back to the relevant page in the shop.

Imray C Charts - UK and Northern Europe

Imray 2000 Series UK Chart Folios

Imray Mediterranean Charts - M and G

Imray Caribbean Charts

Imray E and C Charts - Atlantic

Admiralty Leisure UK Folios

Admiralty Standard Charts - These are listed in full on our dedicated chart website:

Digital Charts - Information and coverage is shown in full on our dedicated chart website:

Eagle Ray Greece Sea Guides and Charts

Other Charts - Our dedicated website has full details of Caribben and Baltic Chart Folios from NV, Netherlands Chart Folios, Croatia Malekarte Folios.