News - Spring 2017

Welcome to our Sailing Books News page for Spring 2017.  Visit our 'New Titles' page for recently released books, or 'Like' us on Facebook to receive instant up to date news about any new releases.

New Editions of Popular Pilots and Cruising Guides
 Forthcoming new editions of pilots, with approximate publication dates are:

Clyde Cruising Ardnamurchan to Cape Wrath - May 2017

Mediterranean Spain - June 2017

Ionian - July 2017

777 Harbours and Anchorages Sardinia and Corsica - July 2017

Mediterranean France and Corsica 6th Edition - July 2017

Baltic - July 2017

Clyde Cruising Kintyre to Ardnamurchan - August 2017

777 Harbours and Anchorages Croatia 7th edition- August 2017

Shell Channel Pilot 8th edition September 2017

Greece Sea Guide Volume 1, 5th Edition - February 2018

All of the above dates are subject to change, but will serve as a good guide.  It is possible to pre-order on our website and we will despatch as soon as the item is published, or you can email your interest and we will let you know when the title is available.

Sailing Calendars 2017

Our range of luxurious sailing and yachting calendars have now sold out.  We will have the full range and selection of calendars for 2018 from mid September 2017.  The full range of Beken calendars, the Rick Tomlinson and Ultimate calendar.  For 2018 we will again offer the full range of the Beken from Cowes calendars - Beken Sailing Action, Beken Yachting, Beken Classic Sail, Beken Beauty of Sail and the Beken Appointements Calendars.  Also from Cowes, the internationally famous sailing photographer Rick Tomlinson prodces his Rick Tomlinson Portfolio Calendar and the Rick Tomlinson Desk Calendar - both are always extremely popular.  The Ultimate Sailing Calendar from Sharon Green includes a free Ultimate Sailing Shopping bag.

Netherlands Chart Folios from NV and Imray
Introduced in 2015, the NV Netherlands chart folios are in Atlas format and also include a code for ddownload of the charts in a digital version for PC use, with tide and current data.  In a series of 5 Folios, paper charts with digital convenience.
This series compliments the range of NV chart folios, now covering the Baltic, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Atlantic France, Balearic Islands, Caribbean and the USA East Coast.  Most are in stock.  Imray are extending thir 2000 Chart Folio series to cover the Netherlands and additional folios are being released throughout the summer. 

Croatia Cruising 2017
Croatia is established as one of the most popular cruising areas in the Mediterranenan and is well served with cruising guides, pilots and charts.  The Adriatic Pilot from Imray is a major pilot for this whole area covering Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania and East Coast of Italy and a new editon was released in summer 2016.  The 6th edition of the popular 777 Harbours and Anchorages compliments the Croatia Cruising Companion perfectly.  The 6th edition of 777 has expanded coverage and more details of all the harbours, anchorages and marinas, it was printed in 2014 and remains the current edition.  In 2016 the new Harbour Guide to Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro was launched  - commissioned by Imray it is an English language extension of the Havenguiden series.
For Charts in the area, there is a choice between individual charts such as Imray M charts (M24, M25, M26 and M27), or the chart folios such as the Malekarte Part 1 and Part 11 produced by the Croatia Hydrographic Office.  We usually hold all of these items in stock

New Chart Folios for France
There are now two series of chart folios covering the north and west coast of France:
Imray lauched new French Chart folios in 2014 and 2015.  They now have three folios that cover the whole coast from Dunkerque to Brest – 2110, 2500 and 2510.  
NV Also have a series of folios covering the whole Channel and Atlantic coast of France from Dunkerque to the Spanish border.  Like most NV Folios, they also include a code for download of  the charts on a digital format for PC, together with basic plotting software - paper charts with the convenience of a digital version.  During 2017 NV are extending their range of folios covering the Mediterranean, to include the French Mediterranean coast, Corsica and Sardinia, Italy and Croatia, together with a new edition of the Balearic folio.

Balearic Cruising ?
The Balearic Islands are a popular cruising destination and we offer excellent options for cruising this area.  The Imray Pilot Islas Baleares offers excellent coverage for all the islands and the most recent edition was released in 2015.  The NV Chart Folio Esp 2 offers a folio of nautical charts giving comprehensive coverage for the islands and there was a new edition in 2017 in atlas format.  This chart folio includes a CD with digital version of the charts for use on a PC, together with basic navigation software.

Cruising Greek Waters
The classic sailing area of Greece and also Turkey is well served by pilots and charts:
The most popular pilots are the Imray selection with the Greek Waters Pilot by Rod Heikell.  For more specific areas, Imray also offer the Ionian, West Aegean and East Aegean and they have similar detail to the Greek Waters Pilot, but cover only a specific area.

The Eagle Ray Greece Sea Guides offer tremendous detail and combine pilotage information and charts.  There are four volumes of the Eagle Ray Greece Sea Guide with each covering a specific area.  A new edition of the Volume 1 is due in spring 2017.  In many ways, they compliment the Imray pilots.

For charts covering the area, the Imray G Charts are a perfect choice.

Caribbean Cruising
For charts covering the Caribbean, the NV Chart Folios offer a great value and cover all the popular areas.  Each chart folio has a range of paper charts and also a CD with the charts in a digital format for use with a PC.  There is also a small habour and anchorage booklet with most of the folios.  Alternatively, for individual charts, Imray cover the whole Caribbean with the Imray A, B and D series.

There is also a good selection of pilots, from various publishers covering the whole Caribbean from Panama to Florida and the Bahamas to Trinidad – all listed in our Pilots section

Dedicated Nautical and
Sailing Books Ltd. Launched a dedicated nautical gifts website in 2012 – dedicated to offering a great range of nautical gifts from galley cloths to barometers, clocks to brass signs, fun yachting caps to watches.  It is easy to find the gifts either by budget, or in logically set out categories.
The dedicated website for nautical charts was launched in 2011 and offers the full range of Admiralty Nautical charts, individually listed by geographic region.  It also offers the full range of charts and folios from other major chart producers – Imray, NV, Malekarte, Netherlands Hydrographic Office, DK, Eagle Ray – or most of the popular areas are also available on

Sailing Books Celebrates 16 years online started trading in September 2000 and the first 16 years have flown by already!  Since those early days, our offering has expanded dramatically and we now regularly ship orders worldwide.  Our family of dedicated nautical websites has also grown to make selection easier. offers a wide range of nautical charts covering the whole world and with charts from most major chart producers.  It is also easy to select chart plotting instruments, courtesy flags.  There is also a great range of reproduction historic charts. was launched in 2012 and offers a great choice of nautical gift to cater for every budget and taste.
Our full range of diving books, windsurfing, swimming, kayaking and canoeing now have their own dedicated category within