Aquatic Rescue and Safety

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Aquatic Rescue and Safety : How to Rescognise, Respond to and Prevent Water Related Injuries

By Dennis Graver


Detailed information on how to identify, treat, and prevent all types of submersion injuries, from drowning, hypothermia, and cramps to injuries of the heart, lungs, head, and spinal cord. It also contains special sections on dealing with watercraft-related and scuba diving injuries. Written by a veteran scuba diving instructor and water-rescue instructor trainer, the book presents the latest, most effective rescue and first aid procedures—techniques proven to save lives—for all water-related injuries.

 The book also examines the causes of submersion injuries to help you understand how to prevent them. It provides specific steps that you can take to prevent accidents, and it gives you the tools you need to promote safety on the water, including tips for people who have children with them in aquatic settings.

Aquatic Rescue and Safety is ideal as a manual for water rescue training, as a resource for individual aquatic recreation enthusiasts, and as a reference for emergency preparedness. Whether you are simply an avid boater or swimmer or a member of a water rescue team, this book will help you acquire the knowledge and skills to prevent water-related injuries and save lives.


Part I. Introduction to Aquatic Rescue and Safety
 Chapter 1. Drowning
 Chapter 2. Recognition and Response

Part II. Physiological Considerations
 Chapter 3. Water and Body Temperature Considerations
 Chapter 4. Heart, Lung, and Head Injuries
 Chapter 5. Spinal Cord Injuries

Part III. Water Sports
 Chapter 6. Swimming Injuries
 Chapter 7. Scuba Diving Injuries
 Chapter 8. Watercraft-Related Submersion Injuries

Part IV. Emergency Procedures
 Chapter 9. First Aid
 Chapter 10. Evacuations
 Chapter 11. Emergency Action Plans
 Chapter 12. Legal Concerns

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