MCA Ship Captains Medical Guide

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The Ship Captain's Medical Guide

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Intended primarily for use on ships where no doctor is carried and it is necessary for laymen to assess and treat injuries and to diagnose and treat ill health. The Guide can also be recommended for use in other situations where professional medical advice is not readily available, for example on expeditions.

It contains a wide range of authoritative advice - from birth to death, from first aid, general nursing, hygiene and the prevention of disease, to the treatment of injuries and diseases. The recommended measures for prevention and treatment can be safely carried out by an intelligent layman.

•First aid
•Toxic hazards of chemicals including poisoning
•General nursing
•Care of the injured
•Causes and prevention of disease
•Communicable diseases
•Sexually transmitted diseases
•Other diseases and medical problems
•Diseases of fishermen
•Female disorders and pregnancy
•The dying and the dead
•External assistance.

Annexes cover anatomy and physiology and anatomical drawings

Hb. 232pp