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Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew

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Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew

By Lin and Larry

4th Edition 2013

More than a cookbook; rather it s a primer on successful cruising. A 50 day passage from Japan to Victoria, Canada in 1979 provides Lin a base for discussing everything from menus to clothing, to choosing a fresh chicken, to dealing with port officials, to preventing sea sickness, to buying liquor abroad as well as the best material for underwear. Tips vary from entertaining aboard to coping with money transfers. There are great tips on provisioning in foreign ports as well as a strong suggestion to only go a short distance before anchoring following a farewell party.

Excellent chapters will help insure your crew stays healthy and well rested. Others deal with creating an ideal galley. Learn why credit cards are safer to use than debit cards, how to keep eggs for up to 3 months without refrigeration. How you can determine which engine parts are likely to fail, which plastic material makes the best water jugs, how Lin learned to bake fresh bread. Find out which galley layout works best offshore. Rain water catchers how to make the best kind. On board trash collection and dealing with "black water" in boats lacking holding tanks. Which cutlery and dinnerware holds up best. Standing watches, getting rest and using Dramamine as a sleeping aid. The recipes and cooking tips alone make for a book of great value. This fourth edition of The Care and Feed of Sailing Crew incorporates ideas and information gathered by Lin and Larry during their more recent voyages through the Line Islands and south through the Pacific to New Zealand. 

Additional recipes and cooking ideas for use on cruising boats of all sizes have been added to ensure this valuable reference source continues to be relevant for all sailors who venture away from home, be it for a weekend cruise to nearby islands or a voyage around the world.

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