Boat Repair Bible

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The Boat Repair Bible


 Covers the most common types of damage likely to occur to boats of all types. Hull and deck repairs cover fibreglass, wood, steel and ferro-cement, shows how to deal with everything from leaks to serious impact damage. Covers standing and running rigging, deck fittings, hatches and steering gear.The section on general mechanics shows how to fix problems with a split fuel/water tank and leaking hydraulics, whilst electrical repairs cover tracing loose connections, replacing damaged wiring and fixing navigation instruments. The myriad of issues that can arise with the engine are covered in great detail, from how to deal with water in the fuel system to replacing the propeller and its shaft. And there is even a section on domestic items, such as repairing upholstery, and fixing problematic heads.

Hb. 304 244x193mm Full colour photos and illustrations throughout