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The Galley  How Things Work
The Galley : How Things Work By. D. Launer 2009 This is not the usual galley book. Food is ba..
The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction
The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction Gougeon Brothers 5th Ed. The definitive work on wood/..
Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding
Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding By Bruce Roberts-Goodson 2008 Illustrated Custom Boatbuildi..
Instant Boatbuilding with Dynamite Payson
Instant Boatbuilding with Dynamite Payson By Harold Payson 2007 Instant Boatbuilding with D..
Lofting a Boat
Lofting - A Step by Step Manual By Roger Kopanycia 2011 Loftingis explained in clear, step-..
The Restoration Handbook
The Restoration Handbook By Eric Rosello 2nd edition 2018 The essential guide to yacht rest..
London Goes to Sea
London Goes to Sea by Peter J Baumgartner Restoring and sailing an old boat on a budget. A ..
Sale Metal Boats
Metal Boats 2nd Edition by Ken Scott This comprehensive guide covers the construction of ya..
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New Plywood Boats
New Plywood Boats By T. Firth Jones Packed with photos and plans, written with perception and ..
Metals in Boats
Metals in Boats By Vyv Cox 2017 Metals have been used in boats for thousands of years, as c..
Wooden Boatbuilding
Wooden Boat Building by Jean-Francois Garry 2010 A modern book aimed at the amate..
The Woodworkers Bible
The Woodworker's Bible By Alf Martensson A complete reference book and workshop manual for bot..
Ultra-Simple Boat Building 18 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build
Ultrasimple Boatbuilding By Gavin Atkin 2007  How to create elegant, seaworthy plywood..