Blue Gee Glass Fibre and Epoxy Woodbook

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Blue Gee Glass Fibre and Epoxy Woodbook by David Benoy

Poole Glassfibre Centre

Detailed hands-on information on how to do the job properly, achieving a professional result with care and the right technique. A godsend to DIY boatbuilders.

How to use, when to use, what to use.

Polyester Systems and Gelcoats - Gelcoat repair, colour matching, laminate repair, car repair

Epoxy Systems - Gluing wood, laminating onto other materials, epoxy work with metals, car repair

Fillers, Cores, Reinforcements

Osmosis in Glassfibre

Mould making and moulding

Engineering Design

Job information, safety and tips

PB. 200pp. 215x150mm