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Blue Gee Glass Fibre and Epoxy Woodbook
Blue Gee Glass Fibre and Epoxy Woodbook by David Benoy Poole Glassfibre Centre Detailed hands-..
Boatbuilding Techniques Illustrated
Boatbuilding Techniques Illustrated  - The Classic Text. by Richard Birmingham 2005 Sound..
Boat Interior Construction
Boat Interior Construction by Michael Naujok - A Bestselling Guide to DIY Interior Boatbuilding. ..
Boatbuilding Manual
Boatbuilding Manual By Robert Steward, Carl Cramer 5th Edition, 2011 A standard refere..
Boatbuilding with Aluminium
Boatbuilding with Aluminum: A Complete Guide for the Amateur and Small Shop by Stephen Pollard ..
Build Your Own Boat
Build Your Own Boat by Ian Nicolson A goldmine of practical advice for anyone converting a bar..
Building the Uqbar Dinghy
Building the Uqbar Dinghy By Redjeb Jordania 2014 Even first-time boatbuilders can build a ve..
Building Small Boats
Building Small Boats by Greg Rossell This book is the classic handbook on carvel and tradition..
Building Strip-Planked Boats
Building Strip-Planked Boats By Nick Schade 2009 Strip-planking is a popular method of amat..
Clinker Boatbuilding
Clinker Boatbuilding by John Leather Reprinted 2006 A practical guide describing clinker and c..
Clinker Boat Building - A Guide to Traditional Techniques
Clinker Boat Building - A Guide to Traditional Techniques By Martin Seymour 2012 A practical ..
Complete Guide to Metal Boats
The Complete Guide to Metal Boats by Bruce Roberts-Goodson.   2006 Metal boats co..
Devlins Boatbuilding
Devlin's Boatbuilding : How to Build Any Boat the Stitch-and-Glue Way 1995 Stitch-and-glue con..
Featherweight Boatbuilding
Featherweight Boatbuilding By Henry McCarthy Photos, diagrams and plans, this book shows you h..
Sale From a Bare Hull
From a Bare Hull By F. Mate 25th Anniversary Edition of a Nautical Classic A complete step-by..
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