The Practical Skywatchers Handbook

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The Practical Skywatcher's Handbook

By David Levy and John O'Byrne


A practical guide which is the sailor's essential atlas of the sky.  The Practical Skywatcher's Handbook assumes no prior knowledge and helps the user at sea or on land read and understand the changing sky.  Hands-on advice on how to read the night sky and star charts, as well as information on whether particular stars can be seen with the naked eye or require binoculars or a telescope.

At the core of the book are 150 sky charts, showing what features can be seen in each position and when. Every constellation in the northern and southern hemisphere is mapped out. Simple methods are given for finding the biggest,brightest stars and then identifying other lesser stars by their relative position.  This book will provide a complete reference as to what stars and constellations can be used when and where in the world.

Pb. 476pp 238x140mm Full colour throughout