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Sale Boatowners Guide to GMDSS and Marine Radio
Boatowner's Guide to GMDSS and Marine Radio United States Power Squadrons The new digital Glob..
£9.99 £5.99
Sale Communications at Sea
Communications at Sea : Marine Radio, Email, Satellite and Internet Services By Mike Harris 20..
£19.99 £4.99
GMDSS A Users Handbook
GMDSS A User's Handbook By Denise Brehaut 6th Edition 2017 GMDSS provides a fast and e..
Reeds VHF - DSC Handbook
The Reed's VHF DSC Handbook By Sue Fletcher 3rd Edition 2011 A user-friendly guide to ..
VHF Afloat
VHF Afloat By Sara Hopkinson 2008 This book explains how to use your VHF DSC radio. It cove..
Captains QuickGuides - Using VHF and SSB Radios
Captain's QuickGuides - Using VHF and SSB Radios by Robert Sweet 2004 A concise, durable gu..
VHF Companion
VHF Companion By Sara Hopkinson 2009 Covers every type of radio call – from Mayday to calli..
RYA VHF Radio - SRC Syllabus and Sample Questions G26
RYA G26 VHF Radio (SRC Syllabus and Sample Questions) For anyone preparing for their VHF Operator..
RYA VHF Radio including GMDSS G22
RYA G22 VHF Radio (including GMDSS) This book is essential background reading for anyone taking a..
RYA VHF Handbook G31
RYA G31 RYA VHF Handbook By Tim Bartlett How VHF works, the rules and regulations which govern..