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Racing sailing books for dinghy racing and yacht racing.  The books in this racing section cover everything from starting to race to high performance racing and advanced tactics.  For books on the Racing Rules of Sailing and Yacht Race accounts, please follow the links below



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Sale Wind Driven - Barbara Kendalls Story
By Wendy Kendall Dec. 2008 Barbara Kendall competed in her 5th Olympic Games in 2008 - at the ag..
£14.99 £3.99
Winners Guide To Optimist Sailing
Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing By Gary Jobson 2004 Introduction by Joni Palmer, Executi..
RYA Laser Handbook G53
RYA G53 Laser Handbook. Lots of colour photographs and illustrations make this book a reference&n..
Mind of the Sailor
The Mind of the Sailor By P. Noble & R. Hogbin How the emotional and intellectual aspects ..
Sale Sail Smart - Understand Your Instruments
Sail Smart : Understand Your Instruments By Mark Chisnell 2012 Learn how to sail faster, ma..
£16.99 £8.99
Sailing Strategy - Wind and Current
Sailing Strategy : Wind and Current By Ian Proctor Reprinted 2010 Provides a very thorough ..
RYA Start to Race G66
RYA G66 Start to Race By Jeremy Evans Essential for anyone beginning to race and also off..
Performance Sailing
Performance Sailing : Prepare Better, Sail Faster By Steve Colgate 2012 Whether you want to..
Tactics of Small Boat Racing
Tactics of Small Boat Racing By Stuart Walker A detailed and technical study of the tactics fo..
Team Racing for Sailboats
Team Racing for Sailboats 2nd Ed. By Steve Tylecote Team racing is a sport in its own right..
The Topper Book
Topper Sailing from Start to Finish By Dave Cockerill and John Caig 2nd Edition 2014 The To..
RYA Solent Race Strategy G74
RYA G74 Solent Race Strategy By Patrick Jolly A guide to race strategy and tactics on one of t..
Tuning to Win
Tuning to Win By Ian Pinnell 2016 Ian Pinnell explains how to tune your racing dinghy ..
Wind Strategy
Wind Strategy By David Houghton and Fiona Campbell 4th Edition 2016 Shows racing sailors&nb..
Winning Knowledge
Winning Knowledge By Graham Sunderland 2nd Edition 2010 The ultimate local knowledge book o..