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Inspecting the Aging Sailboat
Inspecting the Aging Sailboat By Don Casey 2004 Complete advice on what to look for when su..
The Art of Boat Names
The Art of Boat Names : Inspiring Ideas for Names and Designs By L. Churchman 2009 Includes 1..
The Complete Rigger's Apprentice
    The Complete Rigger's Apprentice : Toold and Techniques for Modern and Tradition..
SaleCaptains Quick Guide Diesel Engine Care and Repair
Captain's Quick Guide is designed to be taken afloat.  On the water, when an engine problem sur..
£8.99 £2.99
All in the Same Boat - Family Living Aboard and Cruising
All in the Same Boat - Family Living Aboard and Cruising By Tom Neale 2003 Over 20 years ag..
Boatbuilding Manual
Boatbuilding Manual By Robert Steward, Carl Cramer 5th Edition, 2011 A standard refere..
Captains QuickGuide How to Read a Nautical Chart
Captain's Quick Guide : How to Read a Nautical Chart By Nigel Calder 2009 Nautical charts c..
Coyote Lost at Sea
Coyote Lost at Sea ByJulia Plant 2013 When Coyote and its skipper, Mike Plant, went missing m..
Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us
Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us : Finding Your Way by Eye and Electronics By Bill Brogdon 2..
Boatbuilding with Aluminium
Boatbuilding with Aluminum: A Complete Guide for the Amateur and Small Shop by Stephen Pollard ..
SaleCaptains Quick Guides - On-Board Weather Forecasting
Captain's Quick Guides: On-Board Weather Forecasting by Robert Sweet 2005 Concise, laminate..
£8.99 £2.99
Boatworks Sail Magazine 2008 A wide-ranging collection of projects from BoatWorks magazine ..
SaleCaptains Quick Guide Anchoring
Captain's Quick Guide : Anchoring By Peter Nielsen 2007 This 16-panel, foldout guide provid..
£8.99 £2.99
Wayward Sailor
Wayward Sailor : In search of the real Tristan Jones. By Anthony Dalton 2004 This is t..
Building the Uqbar Dinghy
Building the Uqbar Dinghy By Redjeb Jordania 2014 Even first-time boatbuilders can build a ve..