Sailmakers Apprentice - A Guide for the Self-Reliant Sailor

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The Sailmaker's Apprentice - A Guide for the Self Reliant Sailor

By Emiliano Marino


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Preface, Acknowledgments, Introduction
1. A Ditty Bag Apprenticeship
Tools; Materials; Cutting, Folding, and Marking the Cloth; Sewing; Finishwork
2. Sailing, Hulls, and Sails
Where One Sails; Ergonomics; The Hull; Helm Balance
3. Rigs and Sails
Rig Types
The Square Rig; The Lug Rig; The Gunter Rig; The Sprit Rig; The Sprit-Boom Rig; The Wishbone Rig; The Full-Batten Rig; The Batwing Rig; The Gaff Rig; The Bermudan Rig; The Lateen Rig and the Settee Rig; The Polynesian Claw Rig
Sail Types
Working Sails; Auxiliary Sails; Stormsails; Riding Sails and Steadying Sails
Sail Rig Configurations
Cat Rig; Sloop Rig; Double-Headsail, Single-Masted Rigs; Double-Masted Cats; Ketch; Yawl; Schooner; Big-Boat Rig Configurations
4. Sail Shapes and Theory
Lift; Separation, Drag, and Edge Vortices; Sail Shape; Sail Trim; Sail Interaction; Sail Materials and Construction
5. How Sails are Made
The Business of Sailmaking; The Principles of Sail Design; The Sailmaking Process; Sailmaking Materials; The Tools of the Sailmaker
6. Making Your Own Sails
Obtaining Measurements; Designing a Sail; Lofting and Seaming the Sail; Installing Cloth Reinforcements; Finishwork; Checking Out Your Sail; Sail Alterations and Adjustments
7. Sail Fittings: "Hardware" and "Software"
Fittings Within Sails; Fittings Seized to Sails; Rigging Fittings
8. Sail Care and Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance; Sail Storage; Tanbarking and the Preservation of Sails
9. Sail Repair and Restoration
Damage Assessment; The Repair and Maintenance Kit; Making Repairs
10. Buying New or Used Sails
Buying New Sails; Buying Used Sails; Surveying Used Sails
11. Sailbags and Sailcovers
Sailbags; Sailcovers
12. Sail Handling, Trim, and Adjustment
Bending a Sail; Setting a Sail; Sail Trim; Sail Shape; Getting the Most Out of a Gaff Rig; Sail Reduction; Sail Control and Management
Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. Sailmakers, Riggers, Brokers, and Cleaners
Appendix C. Sources of Materials
Appendix D. Bibliography
Appendix E. Other Sources of Information