The Blue Book of Sailing

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The Blue Book of Sailing - The 22 Keys to Sailing Mastery

By Adam Cort 2009

No one ever reaches the end of sailing.  There is always another horizon.  Here are the courses to steer - understand these 22 core principles and you are on your way to sailing mastery

1. Knowing the Angles
 2. How to Make a Sailboat Go Where You Want It To
 3. How to See the Wind
 4. Catching the Wind, or Why Sails Are Curved
 5. Steering with Your Sails
 6. The Anatomy of a Rope
 7. The Anatomy of a Knot
 8. The Simple Secrets of Docking Under Sail
 9. The Simple Secrets of Docking Under Power
 10. Reading a Sail Plan Drawing
 11. Keels and Rudders
 12. Why Sailboats Don’t (Usually) Tip Over
 13. Design Ratios and Boat Speed
 14. The Nuts and Bolts of Design Ratios
 15. Sailing Faster Using Telltales
 16. Leaving a Dock Using Spring lines
 17. Handling Heavy Weather
 18. Why Sails Are Shaped Like Triangles
 19. Why So Many Boats Have Two Sails
 20. Tuning the Rig
 21. What Makes a Good Boat
 22. How Modern Boats Are Built

Pb. 272pp 230x185mm b/w photos and diagrams