Cosmetic Gelcoat DVD Set of 2 DVDs

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Set of 2 DVDs

Cosmetic Gelcoat and Fibreglass Repair : Stress Cracks, Air Voids and Fractures DVD - Volume 2

Volume 2 of the series continues with the repair instructions for those hollow areas under the gelcoat called 'air voids' and then explains the causes and proper repair of stress cracks.
 (For colour matching information, this DVD would need to be watched with either Volume 1 or Volume 3).

104 minutes

Cosmetic Gelcoat and Fibreglass Repair DVD : Colour Matching and Finishing DVD - Volume 3

This DVD contains detailed instructions on how to match gel coat colours, how to refinish all repairs which includes mixing, catalyzing and spraying gelcoat. Finally covers sanding and buffing.

All this information is in Volume 1 - this volume 3 is designed to accompany Volume 2, or as a 'stand alone' DVD