Coastal Turmoil

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Coastal Turmoil

By Ken Endean


Near to the coast, sea conditions can be complex: winds and currents can change in strength and direction, waves are distorted by shallows,and even in fine weather there are tidal races, tricky headlands and other areas of rough water. Manyof the recommended techniques used in offshore voyaging - such as lying to a sea anchor or trailing warps - are not suitable when close to land. In this highly practical guide, Ken Endean explains the phenomena of rough water and shows how a good understanding of coastal sea conditions and careful passage planning should enable boaters to avoid the roughest areas, seek shelter underway and thereby reduce passage times. Advice on: coastal winds and waves, shallow water and shoaling, swells and currents, tides and currents in conflict, estuary effects, bars and banks, when to take the long way, how to read the surface, getting into harbour safely, making the most of smooth water

Pb 160pp 246x189mm Photos and chartlets throughout