Boat Electrics Bible

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The Boat Electrics Bible - A Practical Guide to Repairs, Installations and Maintenance on Yachts and Motorboats

By Andy Johnson


The Boat Electrics Bible will take owners through all the likely problems and solutions including making new installations of equipment, reviving an old boat and correcting electrical faults on their current craft. Equally useful for yacht or motorboat owners and illustrated with helpful photos, detailed close-up shots, step by step exploded diagrams and instructions.

Table Of Contents Introduction

The basics What is electricity?; Volts, amps, resistance and power; Basic laws; AC and DC electricity

Tools and measuring Tools for electrical work; Safety first; The multimeter; Making measurements in-circuit; Measuring high currents; Continuity, resistance and diode testing; Fault finding in low voltage systems

Batteries Battery basics; Types of batteries; Specification, testing and maintenance; Charging the batteries; How many batteries?; Increasing capacity

Make the connection Wire and wire size; Connections and connectors; Connecting thin wires

Power management Alternators; Care, maintenance and fault finding; Sizing and upgrading; Intelligent chargers; Wind and water; Solar panels; Installing a mains charger; Hydrogen fuel cells; DC to DC converters; Regulating multiple sources; Monitoring battery and alternator currents; Power monitoring systems; Reducing consumption

The DC system Battery switches; Battery switch configurations; Fitting a voltage sensing relay; DC distribution panels; Protection; Adding new systems; Installing permanent voltmeters and ammeters; Data recording over long periods; The engine and its electrics; Engine data monitoring; Engine data monitoring – set up and calibration; Starter motors; Digital switching

AC mains on board Shore power; System installation; Mains protection; The earth system; Galvanic and electrolytic corrosion; Installing a galvanic isolator; Voltage inverters; Generators

Networks Marine networks – NMEA0183; Talking to each other; Multiplexers and converters; Marine networks – NMEA2000; High speed data networks; Capturing what's left; Bringing it all together

Installation projects Installing an AIS unit; Radar; Navtex and SSB receivers; Hall effect ammeter; Lightning protection; Underwater lights; Upgrading mast electrics

Appendices Wire size matrix; Energy consumption analysis; Battery configuration and switching; Engine electrics; NMEA sentences

Hb. 192pp 400 Colour photographs and illustrations