777 Harbours and Anchorages - Eastern Adriatic - Croatia Slovenia Montenegro

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777 Harbours and Anchorages - Eastern Adriatic - Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania.  

Karl-H. Bestandig
English Ed. by Anna & Rod Bailey.
7th Edition, 2017 - 2018

Eastern Adriatic - including 804 maps and 111 charts and now with colour maps and charts.
Cruising guide and pilot book covers Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania.  Discover all the barbours and anchorages along the coast of Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.

Detailed, up-to-date information on more than 1000 ports and anchorages. Very popular for its detailed charts and descriptions, also includes section on Adriatic weather, currents, maritime signals, ecology, regulations and documents. 

777 Harbours and Anchorages follows the coast north to south, except where the geography of the islands necessitates a different approach.  The most relevant sailing details are given prominence, including the factors influencing the choice of where to moor or anchor on the basis of specific conditions.  Wind directions are indicated by small arrows and highlight conditions in which a harbour or anchorage can become uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Ideal compliment to the Adriatic Pilot.

Pb. 288pp A4.  804 maps and 111 charts with small colour photos throughout